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PhD programs

PhD programs or Doctoral degree programs (Dottorato di ricerca) are intended to train postgraduates for advanced scientific research or for senior professional positions; depending on the area of research, they will require students to make use of the latest technologies and learning techniques, and may involve periods of study abroad, or secondments ton specialist research centres.

The entry requirement is an Italian second cycle degree (Laurea magistrale) or an equivalent foreign qualification (Master’s degree programs); applicants must sit a highly competitive entry exam; by law the minimum period of study is 3 years. A thesis derived from original research is compulsory to obtain the award of a third cycle degree known as Dottorato di Ricerca (PhD) entitling the holder to the title of Dottore di Ricerca.

LUMSA PhD programs:

  • Contemporary Humanism: International and Innovative PhD Programme (information available in English):
    The PhD program aims to develop knowledge and critical skills in reading and interpreting the historical, cultural, literary, philosophical and educational tradition in its making and in its effects on the present, from the point of view of the category of "humanism".
    The PhD program is held in English and Italian.

  • Education, Languages, Culture (information available only in Italian):
    The PhD course will investigate and re-thematise the theoretical and epistemological knowledge in the fields of education and training in their various aspects, specificities and differences, in both pedagogical and linguistic-literary areas. For this purpose, the programme will provide an interdisciplinary approach mainly focussed on pedagogical, linguistic, literary, anthropological and historical fields.
    The PhD program is entirely in Italian.

  • Innovation, health and well-being for the individual and the organizations (information available only in  Italian):
    The PhD program aims to train students to carry out scientific research and improve their research methodologies in several fields as psychology, neurosciences, education, communication, business management.
    The PhD program is entirely in Italian.

  • Mediterranean Studies. History, Law & Economics (information available only in Italian):
    The PhD aims to investigate the legal-institutional and economic-managerial aspects linked to the historical and evolutionary processes of the Mediterranean area, by training researchers to develop an innovative theoretical and empirical approach and by offering effective political solutions for institutions and businesses.
    The PhD program is entirely in Italian.

  • Sciences of the Civil Economy. Governance, Institutions and History (information available only in  Italian):
    This interdisciplinary PhD Program aims to develop the themes of the civil economy in its various fields. It spreads an innovative anthropological and cultural approach to the market economy and to the governance of institutions and organizations. with a focus on the institutions of the civil economy, and therefore on the third sector, the socially responsible companies, the regulation of competition, the economy & law, the sharing economy, the structure of the rules, the cooperative banks and territorial finance,  the sustainable development.
    The PhD program is entirely in Italian.

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