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Workshop internazionale sull’agiografia nell’Inghilterra anglosassone tra il 950 e il 1150.

International Workshop
Hagiography in Anglo-Saxon England: Adopting and Adapting Saints’ Lives into Old English Prose (c. 950- 1150)

Organizzato da:
LUMSA - Cattedra di filologia germanica - PRIN  2009 in collaborazione con Università di Palermo e Università di Udine
8 e 9 novembre 2012
Ore 9
Sala del Consiglio – Piano primo
Sede di Borgo S. Angelo, 13 - Roma

Hagiography has a relevant place in the Anglo-Saxon literature. Its earliest examples date back to Bede.
Different kinds of hagiographic works were at first written in Latin (e.g. Aldhelm, Alcuin) and later on in the vernacular, influencing a significant portion of Old English poetry, too. This project is devoted to the prose Lives of Saints written in the last two centuries of the Anglo-Saxon period. One of the main features of this period is the intent, which is so evident in the texts that are the object of study, of translating hagiographic material to make it available to an audience that could only master Old English. This venture was carried out by Ælfric, but also by anonymous authors, who adapted Latin hagiographic texts in order to guarantee their widest possible diffusion.
The project also aims at providing the scientific community with a series of additional electronic resources with automated search and consultation functions. These products will contribute to a better understanding of Ælfric’s and anonymous Lives of Saints.

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