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Training course "Understanding Chinese Foreign Policy: main trends and challenges"

A.Y. 2023-2024

The economic and political reforms of the 1980s and 1990s transformed China into the world’s second-largest economy in less than a generation. Its economic growth has allowed the country to seek a greater role in shaping world politics. In this advanced-level undergraduate course we are trying to make sense of Chinese foreign policy—how the PRC approaches the world and what shapes its external behaviours — in the contemporary era. This course begins with an introduction, laying out the overall course structure, introducing key theoretical perspectives and approaches to Chinese International Relations, historical overview, principles and goals of Chinese Foreign Policy, as well as the main domestic debates on foreign policy. The domestic and international determinants for a changing Chinese Foreign Policy are examined considering China’s relationships with its neighbours, the USA and other international institutions. Aiming at opening the black box of Chinese foreign policy-making, this course tries to bridge foreign decision-making theories and Chinese foreign policy-making practice in order to understand the major factors that shape Chinese foreign policy. It intends to inform students of China’s international behaviour and provide an analytical understanding of the dynamics of China’s foreign policy decision-making. Course outcomes: Enhancing career advancement opportunities with up-to-date skills and knowledge related to a key player in international politics of this century; Understanding China’s Modern Diplomacy framework; Acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the connections between domestic and foreign policy; Understanding the main levers driving its diplomacy.




Location: On-line
Teaching methods: online
Application deadline: 19 January 2024
Language: ITA/ENG
Total number of hours: 24
Starting and ending date: 2 February 2024 – 24 February 2024
Duration: 4 weeks
Fee:  € 516,00
Scholarships: no
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