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Grammenos Mastrojeni

Docente a contratto
Sede: Roma
Dipartimento: Giurisprudenza, Economia, Politica e Lingue moderne
Corso di laurea: Management and Finance

Insegnamenti e orario di ricevimento

  • Environmental and social sustainability

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  • Curriculum Vitae

    Work experience


    Since August 1, 2014- Coordinator for Environment and Science of the ltalian Development Cooperation, ltalian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    • Management of a team of specialists, and of the environmental science-policy-finance interface, in charge of ensuring environmental coherence in all ltalian development aid programs, while directly supervising and planning environmental aid programs and financing. Among the achievements, the adoption of a new comprehensive set of indexes to integrate biodiversity in social progress; the launch of a new line of aid programs integrating environment, security and migrations;
    • National Focal Point for Land Degradation, Mountains, and Global lslands  Partnership, Vice Chair of the Mountain Partnership Steering Committee;
    • Head of the ltalian Delegation to UNCCD negotiations, elected EU/WEOG Representative in UNCCD CoP Bureau, Vice President and General Rapporteur of UNCCD CoP (Mandate, October 2015-0ctober 2017);
    • Member of the Delegations to UNFCCC, UNCBD and other environment-related European and multilateral processes (United Nations Environment Assembly, OCDE Environet, World Bank Safeguards, ECOSOC High Level Political Forum, UN Samoa Pathway for SIDS, EU WPEI, among others);
    • Member of the National Emissions Trading Commission;
    • Lecturer and Professor of Environment and Geo-strategy at various institutions, think-tanks and Universities;
    • Member of the Board of the MA in Development at the Milan lnstitute of Technology (Politecnico);
    • Member of the Scientific Council of the Master in Sustainable Development at LUMSA Pontifical University and Professor of Social and Environmental Sustainability;
    • Member of the Scientific Council for Health, Environment and Development at Genova University;
    • Member of the Consultative Board of Ashoka ltaly;
    • Member and author at the Steering Committee of UNCCD Global Land Outlook;
    • Scientific Advisor for the Environment at the Solidarity lnitiatives Centre of Milan Catholic University;
    • Member of the board and reviewer of the Journal of Development and University Cooperation.


    September 1, 2010- July 30, 2014 • Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of ltaly in Tehran

    • General supervision and management of the Embassy, with a yearly financial turnover above 7.4 million euro; since September 10, 2012, in charge of representing Canada and Canadian interests in Iran, involving funds above1 million U$;
    • Director of human resources and protocol issues, responsible far a staff of 56 among diplomats, military and security officers, and employees;
    • head supervisor of political activities, with a direct responsibility far EU political coordination, lranian nuclear file and sanctions, lranian foreign and regional policy including multilateral dimensions;
    • top Security Officer;
    • Visiting Professor of Environment and Geo-strategy at Teheran University

    July 3, 2006 - August 29, 2010 - Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Jtaly in Ottawa

    • General supervision and management of the Embassy, with a yearly financial turnover above 1.2 million euro and Director of human resources; Chargé d'Affaires during long periods;
    • head press and political officer, personally in charge of EU political cooperation, Canadian foreign and internai politics, multilateral issues (UN, NATO, Canadian G8-G20  Presidency of 2010), Afghanistan, Arctic issues and environment, Defence and procurement, relations with Parliament and political Parties and with Administrations al the federal, provincial and municipallevels;
    • top Security Officer;
    • Visiting Professor of Environment and Geo-strategy, and of Conflict Resolution alOttawa University.

    May 16, 2002 - July 2, 2006 • Head of the Foreign Media Office and Director of the web site at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    • Direct responsibility far a yearly budget above 16 million euro, managing a set of politically sensitive contracts with national Press Agencies, that l renegotiated to the full advantage of my Administration, obtaining further services far a yearly value of 1.8 million euro without increases in costs;
    • Press Officer in charge  of media communication and public diplomacy  on multilateral issues,  and of general relations with international media;
    • Spokesperson far various Undersecretaries of Foreign Affairs;
    • Director of MFA web site and Project Manager far the launch of a new uniform network of web sites far ltalian Embassies,  Delegations,  Consular  Offices  and  Cultural  lnstitutes,  l led a  team  of  23  people  of disparate professional backgrounds - diplomats, journalists, visual artists, administrators, technicians, etc. - to results that were unanimously recognized and labeled by media as an "exploir,  swiftly bringing the monthly average of "hits" from 300.000  to 5 million,  and being  awarded  by a Jury  of Journalists, in 2005,  a Prize  far "conceiving  and managing the most credible and influential web site in ltalt;
    • Professor of Conflict Resolution at LUISS University in Rome, lecturer and author on environment  and security issues.

    January  29, 2002 - May 15, 2006 • Politica( and Economic Counsellor at the Embassy of ltaly in Paris

    • ECOFIN; bilateral economic relations;
    • multilateral political issues;
    • ltalian Delegate lo the Bureau lnternational des Expositions;
    • lecturer and author on environment and security issues.

    May 16, 1994 - January 28,1999 - Consul of ltaly In Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

    • Head of a prominent consular office, with a staff of 10 and  a yearly budget then close to 650.000 euro, in the location of the ltalian largest direct investment abroad (Latin America FIAT car makers); during my term l backed the  expansion  of  ltalian  economic  presence  in my area  from  30 to  aver  140 companies,  also  negotiating advantageous fiscal agreements;
    • in charge of political and economic relations with the Brazilian States of Minas Gerais, Goiàs and Tocantins;
    • lecturer and author on environment and security issues.

    December 13, 1993 • May 15, 1994- Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

    • Coordination of a staff of 40;
    • contribution to the management of the political agenda of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Han. Beniamino Andreatta,
    • until the end of his mandate;
    • speech writer;
    • lecturer and author on environment and security issues.

    March 4, 1993 • December 12, 1993 • Head of the Secretariat of the Legai, Legislative and lnternational Litigation
    Department at the ltalian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    • General coordination of the Department, with a staff of 25;
    • contribution to legislative drafting;
    • legal advising in international negotiations and dispute settlement procedures;
    • delegate lo the UN General Assembly.

    March 4, 1992 • March 3, 1993 • Assistant to the Diplomatic Advisor of the Italian Minister of Defence

    • Called to join the Cabinet of the Minister of Defence, in a phase of acute crisis, to contribute to the assessment and planning of international policies involving ltalian armed forces (former WEU/UEO transition process, peacekeeping operations, arms control, Somalia, Albania, Balkan stabilisation, etc.)

    March 4, 1991 • March 3, 1992 • Deputy Head of the Treaty and lnternational Disputes Office, within the Legai

    • Department of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Legal counselling in bilateral and multilateral negotiations; strategic planning of negotiation and litigation procedures;
    • certification of treaties, ratification procedures.

    Education and training

    • MA in lnternational Relations and Diplomatic  School, June 1, 1989
      Diploma  of  the "Superiore  Scuola di Alti Studi Internazionali",  Società Italiana per l'Organizzazione Internazionale, Piazza Venezia, 2, 00186 Rome (Italy)
    • 1988 to 1991 - While training as a Barrister in a law firm in Milan (mainly international mergers and acquisitions), l attended several courses at the Hague Academy of lnternational Law, Harvard Negotiation Centre, Ecole Nationale d'Administration in Paris.
    • Law School Diploma, November 5, 1988
      Catholic University of Milan, L. Gemelli 1, 20123 Milan (ltaly)

      Public and private internationallaw: l graduated with honors, with a thesis on international investment disputes that was awarded the national prize "Luigi Craici" for the "best thesis on international organization" and the national prize "Guglielmo Reiss Romuli"


    • Fluent, both in speaking and writing, in English, French, ltalian, Portuguese and Spanish.
    • Basic interaction in Greek and Farsi.

    Social skills and - competences

    • Substantial interpersonal skills, refined in many different cultural and professional environments. Since 1988 l have acted as an intercultural trainer (for instance, for ICCROM/UNESCO and Council of Europa programmes, private corporations and foundations, schools and universities), researched, published and lectured on intercultural communication, mediation and adaptation, developing a sound ability to operate in multinational contexts (l lived, researched and worked in 9 countries);
    • with a professional communication background, l am credited with highly advanced public speaking skills; furthermore, in my four year experience as Press Officer and Spokesperson at the ltalian MFA, l developed the technicalities, strategies and alertness necessary to manage an effective and safe media exposure; l am confident addressing audiences in English, French, ltalian and Portuguese.

    Organisational  - skills and competences

    • Proven team building and leadership  aptitude, having  successfully managed teams of up to 50 people facing challenging goals. My approach is based on inclusiveness, cooperation, motivation and recognition of individual achievements:  l take  special  care  in  short  and  long  term planning,  staff  direction,  cautious  and  rigorous administrative procedures  and, above ali, in fostering a collective problem  solving  attitude in my  teams. While asserting a transparent leadership, my experience has led me to favour bottom-up dynamics that - generally and given proper conditions- enable groups to achieve goals more effectively, in a more fulfilling human environment;
    • frequently confronted with high pressure situations and periods, l refined skills necessary to lead teams in stressful conditions while maintaining an objective appraisal of reality.

    Technical skills - and competences

    • With a significant institutional, academic, public, and media recognition  as an environment  expert, for the fast twenty years l have been engaged in promoting the awareness of the deep link between environmental balance and human balance, researching, publishing, teaching and lecturing about the impacts of ecosystem degradation. As l master the inner workings of bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, I have a pragmatic understanding of the balance of interests involved in modulating international environmental policies. l can also contribute with a solid experience in environmental programs conception and implementation, due to my current position within the ltalian Development Cooperation;
    • credited with quick, reliable and balanced political judgment and insight, l am considered a cautious, constructive, and effective international negotiator; l am able to put the same solid interpersonal and mediation aptitudes to the service of internal consensus building;
    • an extensive juridical background  that, beyond international law, has  proven essential for sound and correct administration; l have a flawless record of effective, correct, and punctual administration and financial transparency, not limited to internal procedures. l have supervised highly performing frontline teams and substantial financial turnovers;
    • since my youth, l have been involved with social and cultural non profit organisations in various countries, holding positions of responsibility; on their behalf, l have also developed a significant experience as a fund-raiser. In particular, l was awarded by the Brazilian Government three prestigious Knighthoods for successfully running a fund raising program in favour of abandoned children. ln-field involvement with NGOs has taught me to interact effectively with civil society actors;
    • a multi-faceted  and multi-lingual drafting  experience,  ranging from legislation  to speech  writing, from political reporting to press releases, from multilateral documents to web communication

    Principali pubblicazioni

    Selected Publications
    Numerous articles - and other texts published by official organizations - about human impacts of environmental degradation, and the following Books:

    • Il negoziato e la conclusione degli accordi internazionali, CEDAM, 2000 (Negotiating and Concluding lnternational Agreements).
    • Il ciclo indissolubile -  Pace, ambiente, sviluppo e libertà nell'equilibrio globale, V&P/Catholic University Press, 2002 (The Unbreakable Cycle-  Peace, Environment. Development and Freedom in Global Balance).
    • Il nostro turno: il semestre italiano di presidenza dell'Unione Europea, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, 2003 (OurTurn: the ltalian Presidency of EU, published by the ltalian MFA)
    • L'ecorivoluzione necessaria, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 2008 (The Necessary Eco-Revolution).
    • L'Arca di Noè- Per salvarci tutti insieme, Chiarelettere, 2014. (Noah's Ark- Saving the Environment Together)

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