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Marina Maffoni

Docente a contratto
Sede: Roma
Dipartimento: Scienze Umane (Comunicazione, Formazione, Psicologia)
Corso di laurea: Psicologia del lavoro e del benessere organizzativo

Insegnamenti e orario di ricevimento

  • Group dynamics, conflict and negotiation in organizations

    online (
  • Curriculum Vitae

    I’m a psychologist and a researcher in the fields of health psychology and work and organizational psychology.
    My main areas of interest are the following: qualitative and mixed-methods research, healthcare professionals’ distress and well-being, moral distress, risk and protective factors for organizational wellbeing, medication and behavioural adherence, clinical psychology, neuropsychological assessment.
    I gained my Master’s Degree and Post-Doctoral Degree at the University of Pavia (Italy) and I am currently studying to become a cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist.

    For further information, please visit my personal website:

    Principali pubblicazioni

    Maffoni M, Sommovigo V, Giardini A, Argentero P, Setti I. (2021) The Italian version of the Hospital Ethical Climate Survey: first psychometric evaluations in a sample of healthcare professionals employed in neurorehabilitation medicine and palliative care specialties, TPM - Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology, Vol. 28, pp. 441-466.

    Kurczewska-Michalak M, Lewek P, Jankowska-Polańska B, Giardini A, Granata N, Maffoni M, Costa E, Midão L, Kardas P (2021). Polypharmacy Management in the Older Adults: A Scoping Review of Available Interventions. Frontiers in pharmacology, 12, 734045.

    Maffoni M, Torlaschi V, Gabanelli P, Abelli P, Pierobon A. (2021) The CO-MAsk Approach: Practical Tips for Fostering Mask Use among Older Adults During the COVID-19. Europe’s Journal of Psychology, Vol. 17(4): 257–263.

    Maffoni M, Torlaschi V, Pierobon A, Zanatta F, Grasso R, Bagliani S, Govoni L, Biglieri M, Cerri L, Geraci L, Salvaneschi G, Piaggi G. Video calls at the time of COVID-19: a bridge for patients, families and healthcare professionals. A qualitative study, Families Systems and health, 39(4):650-658.

    Torlaschi V, Maffoni M, Maltauro G, Pierobon A, Vigorè M, Maestri R, Chimento P, Buonocore M, Fundarò C. The impact of cognitive and functional impairment on the caregiver’s quality of life in the patient-caregiver dyad: protocol study and preliminary results. Neurological Sciences, Online first.

    Maffoni M; Zanatta F; Setti I; Giorgi I; Velutti L; Giardini A. (2021) SMiLE to Life: Meaning in life in healthcare professionals working in palliative care and rehabilitation medicine; Medicina del Lavoro, 112, 5: 387-400.

    Maffoni M, Olson K, Hynes J, Argentero P, Setti I, Giorgi I, Giardini A. (2021) A journey through roses and thorns: becoming a physician learning from patients with life-threating illnesses, Monaldi Arch Chest Dis, 26;91(3).

    Maffoni M*, Sommovigo V*, Giardini A, Velutti L, Setti I. (2021) The role of resilience in promoting wellbeing and professional outcomes among healthcare professionals dealing with the challenges of bioethical issues, Evaluation & the Health Professions, doi:10.1177/01632787211042660 (*Shared first authorship) [first published online]

    Maffoni M. The Cry Into the Darkness of a Burned Out Physician. (2021) Families systems & health: the journal of collaborative family healthcare, 39(2), 394 (Poetry)

    Maffoni M, Traversoni S, Granata N, Weinman J, Lewek P, Kurczewska-Michalak M, Kardas P, Almada M, Midão L, Costa E, Giardini A. (2021) Lesson learned from an international training program on patients’ medication adherence for healthcare professionals. G Ital Med Lav Ergon, 43(2), 137–143.

    Bernuzzi C, Sommovigo V, Maffoni M, Setti I. (2021) From moral distress to burnout through work-family conflict: the moderating role of resilience and positive refocusing, Ethics & Behavior, 2021, 1-23

    Maffoni M, Setti I, Argentero P. Valutazione dei rischi psicosociali. (2021) In Argentero P, Cortese C G (eds.) Psicologia delle Risorse Umane, 2° ed. Milano: Raffaello Cortina Editore, pp. 313-354.

    Vigorè M, Taurino E, Maestroni R, Torlaschi V, Maffoni M, Maestri R, Pierobon A, Fanfulla F. (2021) Neuropsychological and executive screening in obstructive sleep apnea: early effect of ventilatory therapy. Minerva Medica;112(3):346-353.

    Maffoni M, Torlaschi V, Pierobon A. (2020). It’s all a matter of time. Annali di Igiene: medicina preventiva e di comunità, 32(6):689-690. [COVID-19 and time perception].

    Maffoni M, Sommovigo V, Giardini A, Paolucci S, & Setti I. (2020). Dealing with ethical issues in rehabilitation medicine: The relationship between managerial support and emotional exhaustion is mediated by moral distress and enhanced by positive affectivity and resilience. Journal of Nursing Management, 28(5), 1114-1125.

    Gibiino G, Rugo, M, Maffoni M, Giardini A. (2020). Back to the future: five forgotten lessons for the healthcare managers of today. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 4;32(4):275-277.

    Maffoni M, Traversoni, Costa E, Midão L, Kardas P, Kurczewska-Michalak M, Giardini A. (2020) Medication adherence in the older adults with chronic multimorbidity: a new integrated model stemming from a systematic review of qualitative studies on patient’s experience. European Geriatric Medicine, 11(3):369-381.

    Maffoni M, Argentero P, Giorgi I, Giardini A. (2020) Underneath the white coat: risk and protective factors for palliative care providers in their daily work. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, 22(2), 108-114.

    Zanatta F, Maffoni M, Giardini A. (2020). Resilience in palliative health care professionals: a systematic review. Supportive Care in Cancer, 28(3):971-978.

    Verri A, Maffoni M, Clerici F, Brega I, D’angelo C, Parigi GB. (2020). Food-Related Problems in Klinefelter Syndrome? A probable case of Pica. Minerva Pediatrica, 72(2):141-142.

    Maffoni M, Argentero P, Giorgi I, & Giardini A. (2019). Healthcare professionals’ perceptions about the Italian law on advance directives. Nursing Ethics. 27(3), 796–808.

    Maffoni M, Pierobon A, Frazzitta G, Callegari S, Giardini A. (2019) Living with Parkinson – past, present and future: a qualitative study on patients’ perspective. British Journal of Nursing, 28(12):764-771.

    Maffoni M, Giardini A, Midão L. (2019) Parkinson Disease. In Gu D, Dupre ME. Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging. Springer, Cham – Switzerland. (

    Maffoni M. (2019). Encounter. Families systems & health: the journal of collaborative family healthcare, 37(2), 184-185.

    Hynes J*, Maffoni M*, Argentero P, Giorgi I, Giardini A. (2019). Palliative medicine physicians: doomed to burn? BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care, 9:45-46. (*Shared first authorship).

    Maffoni M, Argentero P, Giorgi I, Hynes J, Giardini A. (2019). Healthcare professionals’ moral distress in adult palliative care: a systematic review. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 9(3), 245-254.

    Giardini A, Maffoni M, Kardas P, Costa E. (2018). A cornerstone of healthy ageing: do we need to rethink the concept of adherence in the elderly? Patient Preference and Adherence, 12:1003-1005.

    Barbieri M*, Maffoni M*, Negro S*, Maddalena D, Bosone D, Tronconi L. (2017). Volunteering in hospitals to improve the quality of long stays in rehabilitation units. Functional Neurology, 32(4):171-172. (*Shared first authorship).

    Maffoni M, Giardini A. (2017). Qualitative Studies on Medication Adherence: What Do They Add to Knowledge Gained by Quantitative Methods? In Elísio Costa, Anna Giardini and Alessandro Monaco, Adherence to Medical Plans for Active and Healthy Ageing. New York: Nova Science Editors, 2017, pp. 75-102.

    Verri A, Terzaghi M, Maffoni M, Caselli R, Catusi I, Recalcati MP, Rognone. (2017). E. Drug resistant epilepsy in a young male with Cat Eye Syndrome: A case report. Clinical Cases and Reviews in Epilepsy, 2(1); 15-19.

    Maffoni M, Giardini A, Pierobon A, Ferrazzoli D, Frazzitta G. (2017). Stigma experienced by Parkinson’s disease patients: a descriptive review of qualitative studies. Parkinson’s Disease.

    Dionigi F, Maffoni M, Ferrari A, Garcia-Etienne C, Ricciardi A, Razzaboni E, Sgarella A, Trotti E. (2017). What about prophylactic surgery in BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation carriers? Observations from an Italian pilot study. The Breast Journal, 23(6):766-767.

    Giardini A, Pierobon A, Callegari S, Bertotti G, Maffoni M, Ferrazzoli D, Frazzitta G. (2017). Towards proactive active living: patients with Parkinson’s disease experience of a multidisciplinary intensive rehabilitation treatment. European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine; 53:114-24.

    Maffoni M, Dionigi F. (2017). Listening to the patient. Hektoen International – A Journal of Medical Humanities, Psychology & Psychiatry section, 27, 2017.

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