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Oriana Perrone

Docente a contratto
Sede: Roma
Dipartimento: Giurisprudenza, Economia, Politica e Lingue moderne
Corso di laurea: Management and Finance

Insegnamenti e orario di ricevimento

Curriculum Vitae

ORIANA PERRONE, PhD in Social Science, she is Adjunct Professor in Business Strategy and Social Responsibility at LUMSA University.

Her areas of expertise are Global Strategy for Sustainable Business Development and Corporate Responsibility, Internalization, Stakeholders Engagement Management.

As Global Strategist, she also supports any organization through strategies and processes to Sustainable Development and in managing multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships, nurturing growth, internationalization and value creation in these organizations. She brings her competencies in consultant and managerial areas, at private and public organizations, to increase understanding and promote good practice and action on business contribution to international development. Furthermore, she’s CSR Advisor for the Italian Ministry of Economic Development as well as a delegate, as Economic Expert, to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the European Commission and the European Commission.

During her career, she also worked on the UN and EU agendas, with institutions and companies, building international understanding, defining priorities for action and engaging in the worldwide external debate. She worked on creating and implementing the firms’ CSR strategy and process, standards development and social impacts related to corporate strategy, innovation, competitiveness and growth. She has been part of the United Nations mission working on Corporate Social Responsibility, and she supported the development of international observatories and programmes focused on Sustainability into business models at Bocconi University. Furthermore, she stood out supporting foundations and corporations, global and local ones, creating successful partnerships and managing international projects within sustainable development and aimed to train and grow an ethic leadership, including governments and institutions. Last but not least, she has been a reviewer for the European Commission and has brought her experience in Enel Foundation and Enel Group, managing international projects, executive training programs and various publications initiatives.

In particular, during her academic career, she explored why the role of business in society is on the agenda of the firms and what they can do about it. She also published academic papers on corporate strategy and sustainability issues, and about the role of firms, government, institutions and NGOs to improve the sustainable development and the safeguard of human rights into the global scenario. She focused on how globalization is intensifying the pressures behind social and environmental concerns and what companies can do by interpreting the external environment and implementing firm-wide strategies.

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Twitter - @OriPerr

Principali pubblicazioni


Scientific top Journals and International conferences

- "The how and why of a firm's approach to CSR and sustainability: A case study of a large European company”, Songini L., Pistoni A. and

Perrone O., Journal of Management and Governance 2016

- “Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights Abuses. A comparison of the Strategies adopted by Advanced Country and BRIC

Multinationals”, Fiaschi D., Giuliani E., Perrone O., Politeia 2012

- “The integration of sustainability and CSR into the firm strategy: why and how. A case study of an Italian large multinational company,

Songini L., Pistoni A. and Perrone O., presented at 2013 EURAM conference, Istanbul.

- "Sustainability drivers and the relation with firm’s strategy: the impacts on organization and performance", Songini L., Pistoni A. and

Perrone O., 29th EGOS Colloquium, Montréal, Canada

- "CSR and sustainability strategy: why and how. A case study of a European large multinational company", Pistoni A., Songini L., and

Perrone O., presented at Third JMG Conference, Corporate Governance, Control and Social Responsibility, new challenges for the Global

business environment, 25 October, 2013, HEC Montreal, Canada

- “What Makes Clusters Competitive? Cases from the Global Wine Industry”( presented at the “Conference on Understanding Wine

Competitiveness around the World”, Penticton, BC, Canada 2011 (Fraser University)

- “Is it just a matter of time? On whether Social Corporate Responsibility influences human rights abuses in large Multinational

Corporations (1990-2006)”,accepted at the 27th EGOS Colloquium, Gothenburg, 2011.


- “Human Rights in Policy Decisions and Business Strategies: the Cooperative Role of the UN, Governments and Firms within a Developing

Scenario. EU and Italian Best Practices.” (LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013)

Book Chapters

- “What Makes Clusters Competitive? Cases from the Global Wine Industry”( McGill- Queen's University Press, 2013)

- “ACI Informatica and applied innovations“(“Quaderni di knowledge management”, Franco Angeli Publisher, 1st edition 2008), in the

series Best Practice Lab.

Online publications

- “Corporate Social Responsibility: its evolution and application in a company’s strategy”, Prato Chamber of Commerce,2008

- “Company innovation: sustainable development and safeguarding of the relevant geographical area and its traditions”, That’s Amore

Multiservice Company, 2010

- “Ethical thinking to create share value. Sustainability in Business Strategies” Articolo 21, 2015

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