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Departments and Schools

University teaching is distributed across three departments: Law, Economics, Politics and Modern languages campus; Law - Palermo campus; Social Sciences - Communication, Education and Psychology. With around 300 internationally recognised members of teaching staff, the University provides both qualified education for young people and supports lifelong learning programs.
LUMSA also has two postgraduate schools and two advanced training schools.

Department of Law, Economics, Politics and Modern languages Rome
The Department of Law, Economics, Politics and Modern languages in Rome was born in October 2017 following the union between the Department of Law and that of Economics, Politics and Modern Languages. The Department inherits strong experiences, knowledge and traditions, collected in a teaching offer that, despite the variety of the disciplines proposed, finds a decisive element of homogeneity in the analysis of the increasingly complex contemporary reality.
 The departmental director is Professor Claudio Giannotti, Professor of Economics of financial intermediaries.

Department of Law, Palermo
The Department of Law in Palermo is founded on the traditions of the Faculty of Law, and also offers new opportunities for educational and professional training. The department engages in both aspects of university activity - teaching and scientific research.
The departmental director is Professor Giampaolo Frezza, Professor of Civil and Private Law.

Department of Human Studies - Communication, Education, and Psychology
The Department of Human Studies- Communication, Education and Psychology is a pioneering centre for study and scientific research, a lively intellectual environment where experienced, nationally renowned teaching staff prepare students for the world of work.
The departmental director is Professor Gennaro Iasevoli, professor of marketing.

LUMSA Master School
The LUMSA Master School, based at the Rome and Palermo campuses, is a brand new area of the LUMSA University dedicated to postgraduate courses. Founded in 2017, the LMS offers more than 40 postgraduate/graduate master's degrees (equivalent to MA/M.A./A.M., MSc/M.S., MBA/M.B.A., MSt, LLM/LL.M., etc.).
The following Postgraduate Schools are part of the LUMSA Master School.

Professional Postgraduate Law School
The Professional Postgraduate Law School is based at the Rome and Palermo campuses, and is governed by an inter-ministerial decree by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and Ministry of Justice. The School has been open since 2001-2002 with a complement of 80 students across the two centres.
The Director of the Law School is Professor Roberto Zannotti, Associate Professor of Criminal Law.

Postgraduate Psychotherapy School
The Postgraduate Psychotherapy School works in collaboration with the Fortune University Consortium. The School provides high-quality completion opportunities for postgraduates for continuing development and values.
The Directors of the School are Professor Andrea Fossati and Professor Giuseppe Ruggeri.

Postgraduate School in Education for the Development of Civic Society (EIS)
The LUMSA Postgraduate School in Education for the Development of Civic Society (EIS) was established to further develop LUMSA’s strong commitment in the field of education and extend the pedagogical approach to Service Learning on a theoretical and experimental level.
The school's director is Professor Italo Fiorin, Professor of General Education and Pedagogy.

Postgraduate School in Canon, Ecclesiastical and Vatican Law
The Postgraduate School in Canon, Ecclesiastical and Vatican Law promotes study and research in ecclesiastical law, canon law, and Vatican law, topics that are often only touched on briefly in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
The Director of the School is Professor Giuseppe Dalla Torre, Associate Professor of Theology and Canon Law.