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International Law Degree

Single-cycle Master's degree - LMG/01 (Palermo)

LUMSA University provides both qualified education for young people and supports life-long learning programs.
The Department of Law in Palermo is founded on the traditions of the Faculty of Law and offers new opportunities for educational and professional training. The department engages in both aspects of university activities - teaching and scientific research.
The departmental director is Gabriele Carapezza Figlia, Professor of Comparative law.
The International Programme is unique in its kind in Palermo and aims at combining the traditional, national dimension of legal studies with the growing need for international know-how. Students attending this Programme acquire an in-depth understanding of legal disciplines from both a European and an international perspective. Our intent is to give students full mastery of the law allowing them to think critically, work in an international environment and draw on previously acquired knowledge. This ultimately leads to solutions marked by novelty and originality.
The majority of the courses are in English and have an international and comparative content. Students are urged to take part in international programmes such as the Erasmus Programme.
Eventual employment opportunities include: lawyer; notary; magistrate; legal expert in international organizations; legal expert for companies; legal expert in public bodies; member of the diplomatic staff; teacher; official or manager of the public administration.

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