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International contemporary Humanism PhD course: signed a new Agreement

LUMSA University, Institut Catholique de Paris and the Pontificia Universidad de Chile signed the Agreement for establishing the International Ph.D. program in Contemporary Humanism. Rector Prof. Francesco Bonini of LUMSA, Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Olivier Artus, of ICP, and Rector prof. Ignacio Sanchez Dìaz of PUC shook hands and put their signatures in the original copy. LUMSA’s Vice-Rector for Research and International relations prof. Consuelo Corradi and professors Giuseppe Tognon, Stefano Biancu and Gabriella Agrusti of the LUMSA Department of Human Sciences attended the event. The fourth signature by Australian Catholic University is scheduled  next week.
The international Ph.D. program in Contemporary Humanism represents a challenging project for LUMSA and the partner universities, aiming at putting humanism and the human person at the center of the public debate, paying particular attention to their theoretical premises, applications, translations and cultural effects in contemporary society.  

PhD students  will run their research at the institution for which they will have been selected, under the supervision of an advisor, and will participate in an annual seminar to be held in Rome or elsewhere. Over the three years, each student must spend a period of study of at least 12 months in one of the other partner universities. The common courses will be held in English or in one of the major European languages. At the end of the course students will be awarded a double degree.

LUMSA ensure the educational coordination and administrative support to the doctoral program and will provide three scholarships for three years, to which other fellowships will be added and financed by the other partner universities.

The call for notice launching the opening of the international PhD program in Contemporary Humanism will be published in June - July 2017.

"This PhD - says Rector Francesco Bonini - underpins three important points for our university. First of all, we broaden our PhD offer, secondly this is an important moment of internationalization, not only for LUMSA but also for the entire Italian university system; investing in humanism today is strategic for the universities and this  international and intercontinental perspective is an important service that we are offering to the Italian university system and culture. Thirdly it is also an important opportunity to test the ability of the Italian philosophical culture and to measure up ourselves to the great challenges that the contemporary world is posing us."