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Psychology (formerly Clinical Psychology of the Life Cycle)

Master's degree - LM51

Chair of the master degree: prof. Marco Cacioppo
The degree in Psychology aims to provide advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of the psychological disciplines that make up the professional fields in question: clinical psychology of the life cycle, and psychology of educational and training processes. It also aims to help students master the methodological tools and techniques needed for analysis and psychological interventions in order to take on senior roles working with both adults and children. At the end of the course, graduates will have advanced knowledge of the scientific and methodological foundations of psychology, as well as the ability to keep this knowledge up-to-date by critically evaluating scientific literature. They will also possess IT and English language skills which allow them to exchange scientific information with the wider psychology community, promoting lifelong learning. The diversification of clinical skills to cover the life cycle offers university students in Rome a unique opportunity to train as specialists across the entire life cycle. (More information available on the Italian website)