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Planning and management of educational and training services

Montessori Approach for Early Childhood - Master's degree - LM50

Chair of the master degree: prof. Paola Trabalzini
Through advanced preparation in the field of education and training, this course aims to produce specialists capable of analysing educational needs and designing, promoting, organising, coordinating and assessing education services for all age ranges. It offers students the opportunity to supplement their academic studies with training in the Montessori method for early childhood. This training allows students to obtain the qualification "Educators for Early Childhood", awarded by the Opera Nazionale Montessori, in addition to their Master's degree. It also trains students to manage public and private educational facilities and schools, as well as responding to the new need for regional educational coordination as stipulated by Italian law 107/2015 (known in Italy as "La Buona Scuola", or the "Good Schools Plan"). The course's combination of educational and management skills make it one-of-a-kind in Rome. (More information available on the Italian website)