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Marco Polo Program at LUMSA

Subscription deadline: July 30, 2019

Chinese version - Italian version


The Marco Polo Program - Turandot was promoted in 2004 by the Conference of Italian University Rectors, under the request of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, in order to increase the presence of Chinese students in the Italian universities.
LUMSA has joined the Marco Polo Program – Turandot.
From the next academic year, through the University Language Center (CLIC), LUMSA will offer an Italian language course particularly attractive for Chinese students.

The students who will enroll in LUMSA in the academic year 2020-2021 the course of “Italian Language and Culture" will last 11 months (1100 hours).
The Italian course is also open to students of the Turandot program.
The course starts with the orientation activities from 4 to 8 November 2019. The course ends on the 30 September 2020.
The attendance is compulsory (at least 80% of the classes) and in preparation to the next enrollment in the university’s courses.
The program lasts 11 months (from early November to late September).

The students will follow a course of 1100 hours, as follow:

  • 900 hours of Italian (the fundamentals) including 600 of frontal lessons (up to 15 students).
  • 600 hours of frontal lessons and exercises with additional activities on the pronunciation, speaking and writing;
  • 300 hours will be offered in multimedia activities with self-learning’s technology, in the languages laboratories;
  • 200 hours of intensive thematic courses with teachers and experts. 5-weeks intensive/40 hours each including frontal lessons, tours and excursions.

During the 11 months: 5 intensive weeks with the following topics:

  1. The Italian Cuisine;
  2. The Italian Art with a visit to the Vatican Museums;
  3. The Italian Design and the Italian Fashion including meetings with experts;
  4. The Italian Art including a visit to St. Peter and around Rome (sixteenth-century);
  5. The Italian Institutions including a visit to the Quirinal or to the House or Senate.

Evaluation and Certification
The attendance is mandatory (at least 80% of the total lessons) in order to obtain the certificate. At the end of each period there will be a final exam that will assess the level of language proficiency achieved.
With the Italian language center CLIC you can also take the exam for the Italian official certification CELI. LUMSA is one of the official examination seat.

Hospitality and Services
The students will be welcomed at Fiumicino airport with a reserved transfer to LUMSA and with the presence of a Chinese language’s tutor.
At their arrival, the students will be welcomed with an orientation session including the description of their their studies and to let them know the university and the different locations of the academic activities.
For the pre-enrollment, enrollment, Visa and for the residence permit the students will be followed by the International Relations Office.
Each student will have the access to the University services (libraries, electronic resources, wifi, etc) and personal credentials.

Accommodation and services
LUMSA University through its Housing and Residence Service offers housing solutions for students, the costs of which depend on the accommodation.
Package residence included on request
The two solutions that we offer are as follows:
-    A) Solution € 650.00/ per month with all expenses included. All the proposed rooms allow to reach Lumsa University on foot within 15-20 minutes.
-    B) Solution € 550.00/ per month with all expenses included. All the proposed rooms allow to reach Lumsa University using the subway.
The price includes the monthly fee that all the additional costs provided (electricity, gas, building, heating, garbage tax, internet etc.).
The students have access to LUMSA Cafè.

Enrollment and costs
The program takes place from November 2019 until September 2020, with a total of 11 months. The total cost for 1,100 hours of Italian language lessons with 200 hours of thematic intensive and extra-curricular activities is: € 2,500 (entrance fees to theaters, cinemas, museums and transportation during extracurricular excursions are excluded ).
The course will start with a minimum of 10 students (it will not be exceeded the number of 20 students for each classroom).
To enroll you have to send a email to by 30/07/2019. The office will send you any information.


Example of a typical Italian language course (the fundamentals).

Example program of a typical thematic week.