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Linguistic and Cultural Mediation

Three-year Bachelor's degree - L12

Course Director: prof. Anna Isabella Squarzina
The degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation aims to produce graduates fluent in two European languages chosen from English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. The course also offers students the opportunity to study a third language from those already mentioned, or to become familiar with Chinese and Arabic, broadening their horizons beyond Europe in response to the developing needs of the labour market. The course aims to produce graduates who are well-versed in analysing and writing texts, with the ability to translate from and into their two languages. Students acquire a cultural and technical background that allows them to act as mediators and translators in various fields, according to the different professional profiles envisaged by the curriculum: in multicultural contexts, including immigration matters, in business and commerce, and in the world of tourism, with a focus on the opportunities that Rome has to offer in terms of religious tourism. (More information available on the Italian website)