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Bachelor’s degree programs

Undergraduate degree courses (corsi di laurea) are intended to provide students with a broad understanding of research methods and an overview of the chosen subject, as well as the requisite professional skills.

The entry requirement is the Italian School Leaving Certificate (Diploma di superamento dell’esame di Stato conclusivo dei corsi di istruzione secondaria superiore) awarded on passing the relevant state examinations, after completion of 12 years of general schooling. Equivalent foreign qualifications may be accepted. Admission to some degree courses may be subject to specific requirements.

Undergraduate degree courses last 3 years. The degree of Laurea (undergraduate degree, or first cycle level, as defined in the Bologna Declaration) is awarded to students who have earned 180 ECTS credits. With a Laurea degree, graduates can enter the general labour market, the civil service, regulated professions, or they can proceed to study for a Master's degree programs or a first-level Professional degree.

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