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Guidance and tutoring

Guidance and tutoring services help prospective students and their families to choose the right university course, organising events and open days to introduce them to the courses we offer, our admissions procedure and the services and opportunities that the University provides.

Guidance and tutoring services activities are also available to all level 1 and level 2 undergraduates and graduates who would like to continue studying for a postgraduate or masters degree, or register for an initial training or advanced training course.

The Guidance and tutoring office is LUMSA's first point of contact for any information. The Guidance and tutoring offices on all LUMSA campuses are open Monday to Friday for private face-to-face meetings, where prospective students are encouraged to talk about their interests, goals and motivation, and offered advice on courses; you can also arrange to spend a day at the university and attend classes.

Additional services are also available for enrolled students. Where there are problems with the syllabus, students may also benefit from a meeting with tutors and additional tutoring. For problems of a personal nature, students may also consult the Clinical Psychology and Counselling Service.

There are several ways of arranging meetings to encourage young people interested in university or higher education study to engage in open dialogue.

Guidance and tutoring office - Rome
Piazza delle Vaschette, 101 - 00193 Rome, Italy
Borgo Sant' Angelo, 13 - 00193 Rome, Italy
Via Pompeo Magno, 28 - 00192 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 68 422 243

Guidance and tutoring office - Palermo
Via Filippo Parlatore, 65 - 90145 Palermo, Italy
Phone: +39 091 681 07 61