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Careers service

LUMSA Talent Academy is an innovative project that provides a range of activities and services to help prepare students and graduates for entry to the employment market, with a Job Guidance service that focuses on personal attributes.

The main purpose is to put students in contact with managers of major companies that operate in Italy and internationally. LUMSA Talent Academy is situated in the new Piazza Adriana 21 complex in Rome. It organizes workshops with leading HR managers and experts in the employment market, in collaboration with HRC - the Business Community of HR directors and CEOs of eminent companies.

It is this informal relationship with managers that constitutes the added value that LUMSA Talent Academy offers. They put their vast range of personal and professional experience to the service of students, answering questions and enquiries on the global dynamics of the employment market and the processes that complex organisations like businesses control.

The LUMSA Talent Academy is an excellent opportunity for anyone who gets involved to find out about company selection procedures, and includes:

  • CV preparation and enhancement;
  • Mock interviews with company managers;
  • Job searches on social media;
  • Analysis of occupational trends;
  • Promoting your own personal branding

LUMSA Talent Academy