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Inclusive Europe - Inclusive Europe: Build Bonds not Walls – n. 957930

Starting date: 1 October 2020
End date: 1 October 2022

Project coordinator
Plateforme de dialogue interculturel (Brussels, Belgium)

LUMSA Research unit leader
Prof. Folco Cimagalli (

Members of LUMSA research unit
Prof. Antonio Panico

Total Costs: Euro 965.985,30 €
Contribution EU received by LUMSA: 81.797,22 €

Inclusive Europe Project Consortium
Inclusive Europe project is developed by an international consortium involving eight partners from six European countries: Intercultural Dialogue Platform (Belgium), Asociación Arco Forum (Spain), Platform INS (Netherlands), Fédération des Associations actives de Belgique (Belgium), Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány (Hungary), Κentro Κoinovikes Drases kai Kaivotomias (Greece), Centro Studi e Iniziative Europeo (Italy), and Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta of Rome (Italy).

Project goals

Inclusive Europe project aims to favour the integration process of newly arrived migrants through intercultural dialogue and the strengthening of social ties between third-country nationals and local people. In this regard, the general objective can be detected in the attempt of overcoming the barriers both of local people, who might perceive migrants as a potential threat, and third-country nationals, who are likely to isolate themselves and live in religious or ethnic ghettos.

The specific goals of the Inclusive Europe project are:

  • Increasing the level of confidence and the migrants’ perception of being accepted by receiving societies.
  • Increasing the contacts and the interaction possibilities between inter-ethnic groups.
  • Building a social network, composed also by representatives of the local communities.
  • Developing new kinds of activities in which learning on the part of migrants is regarded as a social event.
  • Building empathy and trust between newcomers and local communities.
  • Mitigation of bias and prejudices regarding migrants.
  • Increasing the sense of belonging of migrants to the new society.
  • Assisting newcomers in the very early stages of the integration process.
  • Introducing migrants to the new socio-economic context through propaedeutic activities to the entry into the labour market.

These goals will be achieved through multiple activities, including four coordinated campaigns: Europe of Solidarity, Intergenerational Europe, Intercultural Europe and Let`s Go Forward Together.

Project contents
Inclusive Europe: Build Bonds not Walls – is a 2-years project which aims to facilitate the inclusion process of newly arrived migrants into host societies through the involvement of local communities and the promotion of mutual understanding between migrants and locals. The project’s approach is based on three pillars: social interaction between inter-ethnic communities, intercultural/interfaith activities and, finally, socio-economic initiatives aimed at setting the conditions for the integration of migrants in the new socio-economic context. The target group is represented by young adults between the ages of 18 and 28. In accordance with the intersectionality principle, women will receive particular attention, since they are often more exposed to violence and discrimination – the intersection of religious beliefs, cultural origin and gender resulted in the multiplication of discrimination.

Throughout the project, the focus will be both on the immaterial aspects of social orientation which are essential in making migrants feel confident and accepted by local communities, and on material aspects which will allow migrants to more easily solve everyday problems and have the chance to achieve better socio-economic conditions.

Kick-off Meeting, 18th November 2020


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