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Lights4Violence project

Lights, camera and action against dating violence





Starting date: 1st of  December 2017
End date: 30th of December 2019
Project coordinator
University of Alicante Spain

LUMSA research unit leader
Prof. Consuelo Corradi

Members of LUMSA research unit
Prof. Gabriella Agrusti
Prof. Maria Cinque
Prof. Francesca Comunello
Prof. Francesca Ieracitano
Prof. Donatella Pacelli
Prof. Nicoletta Rosati
Dr. Francesca Belotti

Overall EU contribution:
Euro: 398.355.86
Contribution received by LUMSA:
Euro: 65.583,30

Project's aims
This project is focused on promoting adolescents’ capabilities to improve their intimate relationships with their peers through different activities aimed at:

  1. Enabling adolescents to acknowledge IPV-related protective factors that are present in themselves, their families, the school and other closed settings, and to know how to properly use them,
  2. Contributing to education and awareness-raising about the importance of positive interpersonal relationships based on self- esteem and trust,
  3. Endorsing adolescents in challenging sexist and tolerant attitudes towards gender-based violence and dating violence,
  4. Promoting skills to manage problems and conflicts through interpersonal communication, mediation and negotiation among youth.
  5. Empowering young people to claim their rights and those of their peers; to develop self-esteem and to protect themselves from at-risk or abusive relationships.

Project’s contents
The project is going to involve about 700 adolescents between 14 and 15 years  enrolled in secondary education schools from Alicante (Spain), Rome (Italy), Cardiff (UK), Iasi (Romania), Porto (Portugal) and Poznan (Poland) and more than 70 secondary school teachers. The experts are going to work with pupils in classes on a range of activities to make them aware of claiming their rights and those of their peers and protecting themselves from risky or abusive relationships.
"Lights4Violence" will develop two typologies of intervention.
On the one hand, activities for the benefit of adolescents with the activity of short videos making and an international conference on "Dating violence between young people and adolescents and the role of education". On the other hand, the project will develop activities for teachers such as seminars on information and promotion of means to protect against violence and the drafting of teaching guides for the use of thematic videos in classrooms

Main Activities
Lights4Violence main activities are:

  • Seminar with teachers: “Promoting Together Protective Assets Related to Violence”.
  • Workshop with adolescents: “Filming Together to See Ourselves in a New Present”.
  • Short film exhibitions with participants, their families, authorities and other stakeholders.
  • Teaching guides for the use of short films.
  • Computer-based evaluation system.
  • International Final Conference: “Dating Violence and the Role of Education”.

The Expected Results are:

  1. Increasing adolescent awareness about the importance of positive interpersonal relationships based on esteem and trust;
  2. Improving adolescent attitudes against sexism, intolerance towards intimate partner violence and other forms of violence against peers;
  3. Improving adolescent skills for managing conflicts through interpersonal communication, mediation

Upgrading on the European project Lights4Violence (June 2018)
The pilot study has been carried out in all partner countries in order to evaluate and adapt the online questionnaire that will be used to evaluate the results in the intervention and control group.
In Italy, Lumsa University  reached 18 students aged in the 15th (72,2%). According to the results, 66.6% of them has ever been in a dating relationship, and 56% knows some women who have experienced intimate partner violence. Bullying is the most registered violent behaviors: 16.7% of students bullied someone and 33.4% were bullied.

Project's meetings
25-26 January 2018  - Madrid (Spain)
4-5 October 2018 - Rome (Italy)
March 2019 - Cardiff (UK)
Ocotber 2019 - Alicante (Spain)

Facebook: Light4Violence
Twitter: @lights4violence

For further information:
Dr. Francesca Trodella
LUMSA Office of Scientific Research
Via delle Fosse di Castello, 7 - 00193 Roma