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Labour Integration for Migrants Employment – LIME Project



Starting date: 1 December 2018
End date: 31 March 2021

Project coordinator
Centro di Informazione ed Educazione allo Sviluppo - CIES Onlus (Italy)

LUMSA research unit leader
Prof. Folco Cimagalli

Members of LUMSA research unit
Prof. Filippo Giordano

Junior Researchers
Cristiana Di Pietro, Marco Mastrodascio

Overall EU contribution: Euro 797.630,43
Contribution received by LUMSA: Euro 67.506,30

LIME Project Consortium
LIME project is developed by an international consortium involving 7 partners from Italy, France and Spain: Centro di Informazione ed Educazione allo Sviluppo – CIES Onlus (Italy), Confcooperative – Unione Metropolitana di Roma – CONFCOOP-ROMA (Italy), Federación de Plataformas Sociales Pinardi – PINARDI (Spain), Asociación Guarani de Cooperación Paraguay España – GUARANÍ NGO (Spain), Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta di Roma – LUMSA (Italy), Federazione Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane Formazione Aggiornamento Professionale – CNOS-FAP (Italy) and The European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA (France).

Project goals
LIME project aims at achieving the following goals:

  • Boosting the collaboration among socio-economic key actors (associations of employers, vocational training providers, employment services, local authorities, companies CoCs)
  • Increasing the employment in the labour market of TCNs through business training, workshops for self-entrepreneurship and L2 professional language courses
  • Adapting the existing labour market integration policies and tools to TCNs’ needs
  • Promoting local initiatives for the better inclusion of TCNs in the labour market through the implementation of the MEIC methodology in Italy and Spain
  • Standardizing the “Cluster” methodology to make it replicable in other local contexts.

Project contents
LIME – Labour Integration For Migrants Employment – is a 2-years project which aims at promoting the swift integration of young Third Country Nationals – TCNs – (aged 18-29) in the labour market, by implementing the Migrants Economic Integration Cluster (MEIC) model all over Europe. The MEIC is an innovative and participatory approach based on the creation of a partnership of socio-economic multi-stakeholders, including public and private actors.

Through the definition and the implementation of MEIC model, the LIME project intends to create a long-term strategy to strengthen the policies and tools for integration of young migrants into the labour market in the territories of action, adapting them to their needs.

The work conducted by LUMSA research unit will specifically analyse the MEIC monitoring and evaluating the pilot actions implemented in Madrid (Spain) and Rome (Italy) in order to:

  • Analyze the potentials for a sustainable system of local clustering for fostering migrants integration in the labour market by evaluating the Italian vocational and entrepreneurial MEIC and of the Spanish vocational MEIC to be created within the two pilot actions.
  • Conceive a new method of cooperation among socio-economic private and public actors by creating a MEIC methodology to be transferred to relevant key actors at EU level.
  • Formulate policy recommendations addressing local, national and EU institutions to support for the development of such a kind of clusters in the territory.

Consortium Meetings
21-22 February 2019 – Rome (Italy)
22-23 October 2019 – Madrid (Spain)
23-24 February 2020 – Rome (Italy)


Twitter: @LIMEproject2019


For further information:
Dr. Filomena Canadé

LUMSA Office of Scientific Research
Via di Porta Castello, 44 - Roma