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Research activities at the LUMSA are undergoing re-organization thanks to the creation of a new structure indicated in the Statute: the “Centro di Ateneo per la ricerca e l'internazionalizzazione” (University International Research Centre).

“The Centro di Ateneo per la ricerca e l’internazionalizzazione (CARI) is the structure of reference for the promotion and the support of research activities, of scientific collaboration and of the internationalization of the University, including the international mobility of both teachers and students.
The CARI, directed by the Pro-rector of Research and internationalization, can count on a scientific Committee, with an equal number of academic and research members from inside and outside the University that works in agreement with the Departments, the Schools, the Evaluation Centre and all the national and international organizations of reference.
[…] Within the CARI can be set up and financed Research Units, Groups and Programs open to the participation of scholars and researchers from other research, cultural, national and international  university institutions” (From the Statute of the LUMSA, art. 18).

The CARI scientific committee

The Chair
Prof. Benedetta Papasogli (Pro-rector for Research and International Affairs)
The external Members
Raimondo Cagiano de Azevedo (Università La Sapienza)
Bruno Dallapiccola (Ospedale Bambin Gesù)
Carlo Ossola (Collège de France)
The internal members will be appointed in the next Senate and Administration Board meeting.
At present the Research Register, which will present the LUMSA academic and scientific production, the Unit/Group/Program research map and the national or international projects developed by the university, is being prepared.