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Organization of educational activities for the 2021-2022 academic year

Access to LUMSA offices

Students are required to show the Green Pass at the controls * and to wear a mask to protect the respiratory tract. The checks will require the collaboration of students who will have to observe an appropriate interpersonal distance avoiding gatherings immediately outside the LUMSA offices.

It is not possible to access LUMSA offices with a body temperature above 37.5 ° and / or with evident symptoms in the respiratory tract (cough, cold, sore throat, burning eyes, difficulty in breathing).

The information for freshmen will be published on the University website in the pages dedicated to the Departments.


Didactic activities

The teaching activities of the academic year 2021-2022 of the universities of Rome, Palermo and Taranto will take place in person also in the second semester.

Attendance in the classroom, desired and encouraged for all, remains the preferable solution for a gradual return to normality but will still be accompanied by remote use, in synchronous mode, for any specific needs.


Information for classroom attendance

Access to the classrooms to follow the lessons in person is allowed to students who have made a reservation using the specific LUMSA Student Booking web app.

In case of symptoms related to Covid-19, if you are waiting for the results of a possible tampon, you must cancel the booking and not go to the University.

Attendance at classroom lessons must be booked on LUMSA Student Booking (possible starting one week before the single lesson) for each of the dates on which you intend to go to the University to take advantage of the teaching.

To receive support in the use of the app, please write to


Summer session Exams

The exams, starting from the summer session, will be held entirely in person.


Information for remote frequency

Remote attendance does not require any type of reservation and allows you to follow the lessons live with respect to what happens in the classroom, through the use of Google Meet in the browser of your computer, using the links generated by the teachers and published in the relative personal pages.

The remote management of further aspects related to the frequency of the single course is possible through Classroom and Moodle (finding lesson materials, interacting with the teacher, etc.).

Important: To follow the lessons on Meet, students must have their own Gmail email account (link to open one for free) until they have obtained the University email account (@ which is issued at the end of the matriculation / enrollment procedure.

Graduation sessions

The graduation sessions will take place in presence, except for those who tested positive for Covid-19, with the possibility for family members to attend within the capacity limits of the classroom where the discussion will be held. Graduation Days are currently suspended.


Masters and postgraduate courses

The start of postgraduate teaching activities varies depending on the individual course. Consult the website, within the individual course cards, under the heading Location and times. Contact the tutors or course representatives of your interest using the references published on the site.

* Access to LUMSA offices will in any case be allowed to those who have appropriate medical certification proving the inability to be vaccinated and to obtain the Green Pass.