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Italian language courses starting

Our courses of Italian language will begin in the second half of October.

Both LUMSA students and non-LUMSA students can attend the courses to learn or improve their knowledge of Italian language. The courses will be in presence, but also online. 

The courses are collective with lessons of 2 hours twice per week. Beginners have a higher frequency (daily lessons).

These are the details:

  • When: October 2022 - December 2022/ January 2023 -May 2023
  • Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • If you are not a beginner you have to take a placement test before the start of the course, to check your level
  • Format: In-person, also available online
  • Enrolment fee: 450 euros* (free for LUMSA students, reserved conditions for Erasmus students)

*Course materials not included

Enrolment for courses: you can enrol until September 22, 2022.

If you are not a LUMSA student and you want to attend the course you must fill out the form at the following link enrolment Form.

Concerning the payment methods, all the necessary information will be sent by mail.

For other details please contact:
- Tel. 0668422376 - 0668422471, Tuesday - Thursday from 09.00 to 11.00