Advenus aims to develop e-learning resources for refugees and asylum seekers (from 18-40 years of age) and their teachers and trainers, in order to help them acquire and develop basic and key skills.
Advenus offers open access courses online in five languages (Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, English and Macedonian), international training webinars, and MOOCs for teachers and trainers.
Funded by the ERASMUS+ program (Project Ref. No. 543058-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-KA3-KA3MP), Advenus aims to build upon the teaching units already available online thanks to the LIBE project (Supporting Lifelong Learning with Inquiry-Based Education), which ended in 2015.
Thanks to the possibilities of e-learning, and with a view to lifelong learning, the project promotes the Erasmus+ goals of equality and inclusivity in education, training and the labour market.

Based on the results published in the book Settling In: Indicators of Immigrant Integration (2014), one of the project's key aspects is the active involvement of the target group of adult refugees, with a specific focus on their country of origin, educational background, and family situation, throughout every stage of the project: from the trial sessions to the creation of the courses.

International consortium

The consortium is made up of several partners, all experts in the field of adult education and the development of e-learning resources:

  • LUC (Lillehammer University College: Centre for Lifelong Learning,, Norway (leader)
  • U.Porto (Universidade Do Porto: Fpceup - Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, and CIIE - Centre for Research and Intervention in Education,, Portugal
  • CDI (Community Development Institute,, Macedonia
  • LUMSA (Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta), Italy

The project will last for 12 months from 1st September 2016.

Events and activities

Research team
Professor Gabriella Agrusti (contact for Italy)
Valeria Damiani
Vincenzo Schirripa
Elisa Muscillo

Project information: