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Health insurance

It is recommended that all students activate an adequate Health insurance during their stay in Italy.

In general, EU-students are covered in Italy through their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that will give them access to the services of the Italian National Health Service for emergency situations.
Students staying in Italy for more than three months should seriously consider to activate also a private health insurance policy that can provide a wider coverage in Italy during their entire stay.

For non EU students a health insurance policy is necessary in order to obtain an entry visa and to apply for the residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno). Students can contract a private insurance in their country. The insurance must have the validation of the Italian Embassy or Consulate to be accepted in Italy and must cover the entire stay in Italy.
Furthermore, non EU students can, in addition, apply for voluntary registration to the Italian National Health Service with the choice of a general physician once in Italy. By paying an annual flat-rate contribution valid for a calendar year (expires on December 31 of each year), students can enroll to the service.

The list of doctors enrolled in the Italian National Health Service can be found at the nearest ASL – Azienda Sanitaria Locale - or in any pharmacy.