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LUMSA is located in the Prati district, one of the most attractive parts of Rome. Centrally located in Via della Traspontina, Via di Porta Castello, Piazza delle Vaschette and Via Pompeo Magno, the four LUMSA facilities in Rome are easily accessible by public transport.

There are centuries of history inside the walls; the building in Piazza delle Vaschette dates back to 1859 when it was built as a school for girls by order of Pope Pius IX, and was acquired by LUMSA in 1939. The building in Via della Traspontina was constructed as part of an urban redevelopment plan that began in 1936 and was completed after the war. The via di Porta Castello complex, on the other hand, was inaugurated in 2000 when it hosted respected journalists who were covering the Jubilee, from which it takes its name (Giubileo).

LUMSA opened its new facility in 2016; a new wing to the Jubilee complex that completes the whole campus redevelopment programme. Inaugurated by the Minister of Education, Universities and Research, the complex accommodates the Student Secretariat, including services for masters and postgraduate programmes, the Bursar's Office and Right to Study Office, the Work Placement and Apprenticeship Office, the International Relations Office, the LUMSA Café and the new Main University Library named in recognition of Giorgio Petrocchi.
Rome campuses
Via della Traspontina
Via della Traspontina, 21 00193 - Rome, Italy
Entrance in Borgo Sant' Angelo, 13 00193 - Rome, Italy

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Piazza delle Vaschette
Piazza delle Vaschette, 101 00193 - Rome, Italy

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Via Pompeo Magno
Via Pompeo Magno, 28 00192 - Rome, Italy

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Jubilee complex and conference centre
Via di Porta Castello, 44 00193 - Rome, Italy

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Jubilee Complex - administrative offices
Via di Porta Castello, 44 00193 - Rome, Italy

Public transport to the centres in Rome
ATAC (buses and trams) (desktop site)
Muoversi a Roma (Getting around Rome) (mobile site)
Muoversi a Roma (Getting around Rome) app (Android)