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Palermo campus is where our programmes in law, economics and social sciences are delivered. The main centre is in Via Parlatore in the city centre, adjacent to Villa Malfitano - a 19th century villa set in excellent grounds, built by the Whitaker family. The building was constructed in 1897 as a monastery called Sacro Cuore di Gesù, which was closed 33 years later and entrusted to Luigia Tincani who extended it and transformed it into the School of Education for women, an educational establishment that quickly became renowned throughout the region.

The property was closed during the war and reopened in 1944 as the "White House" boarding house to accommodate academics and then in 1999 it finally became the local LUMSA centre. The central location allows students easy access to the offices and lecture halls by means of public transport (bus, metro, and tram).

LUMSA also works with the Santa Silvia School of Social Services, which was incorporated with the university in 1984 and has since become the local centre for teaching social science courses.

Palermo centre

  • Via Filippo Parlatore, 65 - 90145 Palermo, Italy
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  • "Santa Silvia” Via Matteo Bonello, 6 - 90134 Palermo, Italy

Public transport to the Palermo centre
AMAT Palermo (buses and trams) (desktop site)
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