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Human Studies - Communication, Education, and Psychology - Rome

Director: Prof. Patrizia Bertini Malgarini
Piazza delle Vaschette, 101 – 00193 Rome
Tel. 06/684.22.258-259 – Fax 06/68.422.329

The Department of Human Studies is an innovative centre for scientific study and research, which offers three-year Bachelor’s and master's degree courses in Communication, Primary Education, Psychology and Education Sciences. Each degree includes face-to-face lectures, seminars, internships and professional placements in institutions or companies, and the award of certificates of computer and language proficiency.

The Erasmus Programme, for the European Mobility of University Students, as well as the numerous agreements forged with foreign universities, allow students to benefit from periods of studies spent in the most outstanding university teaching facilities.

The Department also holds PhDs programs for the training of students who are interested in the world of scientific research.

In an intellectually lively environment, qualified and nationally acclaimed teachers prepare students to enter the labour market with professionalism.

Dedicated services are organized to effectively meet the needs of students allowing them to successfully spend their years of academic life. The Department, as the entire University, sets the reception and training of the whole person as its primary objective.