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Postgraduate School in Education for the development of civic society (EIS)

The Postgraduate School (Scuola Alta Formazione) directed by prof. Maria Cinque, was established to further develop LUMSA’s strong commitment in the field of education.
The School aims to promote both research and training, not only within the academic world, but also in the wider community so as to foster participation, dialogue, practical initiatives in the spirit of active citizenship.
The School seeks to examine closely the theoretical foundations of the Service Learning method and put them into practice so as to realise the enormous potential that Service Learning offers to students, teachers, managers, teaching and non-teaching staff in schools and universities for professional, cultural and human growth.

The school organises meetings, lectures, seminars and conferences; it promotes research, keeps records of projects and publishes material on the theme of active citizenship and Service Learning.

Scientific Committee

Italian Members: Rossana Alloni (Campus Bio-medico, University of Rome); Daniela Barni (Università LUMSA); Marco Bartoli (LUMSA University); Paula Benevene (LUMSA University); Luigino Bruni (LUMSA University); Cristiano Ciappei (University of Florence); Consuelo Corradi (LUMSA University); Carmela Di Agresti (LUMSA University); Pier Giuseppe Ellerani (LUMSA University); Alessandra La Marca (LUMSA University); Ivo Lizzola (University of Bergamo); Fabio Macioce (LUMSA University); Giuseppe Milan (The University of Padova); Costanza Nosi (LUMSA University); Angelo Paletta (The University of Bologna); Nicoletta Rosati (LUMSA University); Vincenzo Schirripa (LUMSA University); Domenico Simeone (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia); Alessandra Smerilli (Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences Auxilium).

International Members: Baeza Correa Jeorge (Università Cattolica Santiago, Cile); Callebaut Bernhard (Sophia Institute, Loppiano); Gerald M. Cattaro (Fordham University, New York); Greg Craven (Australian Catholic University); Araceli Del Pozo (Complutense University of Madrid); Oliver Duval (Bureau International Catholique de l’Enfance); Fr Daniel Huang (AJCU – AP, Asia network); Mariola Kosubek (Silesia University, Katowice); María Nieves Tapia (CLAYSS, Buenos Aires); Justus Gitari Mbae (Catholic University, Nairobi); Enrique Palmeyro (Scholas Occurrentes, Argentina); María Nieves Tapia (CLAYSS, Buenos Aires); Juan Carlos Torre Puente (Comillas Pontificial University, Madrid).

For Further Information

Location: via della Traspontina, 10 - 00193 Roma
Director: Tel. (+39) 06-68422336
Administration: Tel. (+39) 06-68805372

Useful Link

CLAYSS (Centro Latino-americano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario)
Scholas Occurrentes (Rete di Scuole promossa da Papa Francesco)
Istituto Universitario Sophia

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