Organizzazione e attività didattiche 2022-2023

Psychology of work and organizational well-being

Master’s degree LM51

Academic year 2022-2023 (First year)

Courses CFU Hours
Evidence based management 6 30
Group dynamics, conflict and negotiation in organizations 6 30
Methods and techniques of selection and assessment of human resources 6 30
Promotion and protection of health and well-being among organizations 6 30
Statistical methods for the analysis of organizational phenomena 6 30
Decision-making psychology applied to organizations 6 30
Training, empowerment and strengthening of soft skills. Business coaching and counseling 6 30
Economics and development of innovation 6 30
Workshop: Business english 3 60
Workshop: Project management 3 30
Workshop: Structures and processes of the organizations 3 30
Theology 6 60
Total CFU first year 63  


Academic year 2023-2024 (Second year)

Courses CFU Hours
Psychology of the environment and psychosocial well-being in organizational contexts 6 30
Lifelong learning and skills assessment 6 30
Elements of labor law 6 30
Student’s choice
The free choice disciplines, and the related credits, must be selected from those activated during the academic year as long as they are consistent with the training course

12 CFU in
by discipline

Final dissertation 15  

Workshop: Diversity management and organizational change



Workshop: Corporate welfare systems and incentives 3 30
Workshop: Smart working e new work scenarios 3 30
Workshop: Organizational communication and corporate social responsibility 3 30
Total CFU second year 57  

* With the prior authorization of the President of the Study Program, students may carry out an internship of 300 hours in institutions that have a specific agreement with LUMSA. This internship would replace two of the workshops activities foreseen during the second year of the study plan.
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