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Cristiana Pugliese

Professore associato
Sede: Roma
Dipartimento: Giurisprudenza, Economia, Politica e Lingue moderne
Corso di laurea: Scienze politiche e internazionali - Relazioni internazionali - Mediazione linguistica e culturale

Insegnamenti e orario di ricevimento

  • Lingua inglese

    via Pompeo Magno piano seminterrato studio S15
    il mese di dicembre solo per appuntamento (contattare per email)
  • Curriculum Vitae


    Date of Birth: 27 December 1960


    1985, Degree of Laurea in Modern Languages
    University of Rome “La Sapienza”
    1992, Ph.D. Degree in African Literature School of Oriental and African Studies,
    University of London


    Italian and English (bilingual), French, Spanish, Gikuyu


    1993-1995 Assistant Professor Department of Foreign Languages
    Institute of Language Studies, University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    1995-1999 Lecturer
    Department of English, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

    1999-2002 Senior Lecturer, School for Languages and Arts
    Potchefstroom University, South Africa

    2002-2008 Associate Professor, Università degli Studi del Molise,
    Faculty of Economics, Campobasso, Italy

    2008-(present)  Associate Professor, LUMSA University,
    GEPLI Department, Lumsa University, Rome, Italy


    2009-2011 Director, LUMSA University Language Centre
    2011-2014 Co-ordinator, LUMSA University Undergraduate Degree Course in Languages
    2016-(present) Member of the Staff-Student Joined Committee (Commissione Paritetica) L11 L12
    2016-(present) Erasmus Coordinator L12
    2017-(present) Member of the Language Centre (CLIC) Steering Committee
    2018-(present) Erasmus Coordinator L36


    Postcolonial Literature, Comparative Literature, Translation Studies


    2004, best critical study of Dino Buzzati for the article "The Border, the Desert, the Enemy: Dino Buzzati’s Il deserto dei Tartari and J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians"  awarded by the International Association Dino Buzzati


    European Society for the Study of English (ESSE)

    European Society of Comparative Literature (ESCL)

    Associazione Internazionale Dino Buzzati

    Associazione Italiana di Anglistica (AIA) 

    Principali pubblicazioni

    PUGLIESE C (2019). Get Shorter: Crime in Flash Fiction. Microtextualidades. Revista Internacional de microrrelato y minificción, vol. 5, p.145 - 152 , DOI: 2530 - 829

    PUGLIESE C (2017). Dangerous Appetites: Food and Deception in Amundsen. (a cura di) Palusci, Oriana, Alice Munro and the Anatomy of the Short Story. Cambridge:Cambridge Scholars, p.129 - 138 , ISBN: 9781527503532

    PUGLIESE C (2017). No Safe House: Homes, Houses and Their People in "Save the Reaper" by Alice Munro. Trame di letteratura comparata, vol. 1 (nuova serie), p.189 - 205

    PUGLIESE C (2017). The Reader as Co-Author: Reading and Writing Bedtime Story by Jeffrey Whitmore. Microtextualidades, vol. 2, p.28 - 34

    PUGLIESE C (2010). "Language Minorities in the Molise Region in Italy". (a cura di) P. Sture Ureland, Studies in Eurolinguistics . Berlin:Logos Verlag, p.333 - 343 , ISBN: 978-3-8325-2584-2

    PUGLIESE C (2010). "Language Policy and Nation-Building in Kenya". ENGLISHES, vol. 40, p.49 - 73

    PUGLIESE C (2006). Quel est le premier roman gikuyu? Débat autour d'une littérature nationale. (a cura di) Sous la direction de Xavier Garnier et Alain Ricard, L'effet roman: Arrivée du roman dans les langues d'Afrique. Parigi:L'Harmattan, p.143 - 150 , ISBN: 2-296-02510-2

    PUGLIESE C (2005). "A Survey of South African English Slang". ENGLISHES, p.35 - 44

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    PUGLIESE C (2005). Translating Culture: Challenges and Constraints. ROMA:Aracne, p.1 - 158 , ISBN: 88-548-0457-6

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    PUGLIESE C (2004). "Congratulations to Wangari Maathai on Winning the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize!". ENGLISHES, vol. 23,

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    PUGLIESE C (2004). - «The Border, the Desert, the Enemy: Dino Buzzati's Il deserto dei Tartari and J. M. Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians". STUDI BUZZATIANI, p.21 - 36

    PUGLIESE C (2004). Italian translations of African Literature in English. (a cura di) ROSATI F., The Quest for Democracy. ROMA:Aracne, p.113 - 129 , ISBN: 8879998846

    PUGLIESE C (2004). Six Poems. ENGLISHES, vol. 22, p.5 - 11

    PUGLIESE C (2002). Complementary or Contending Nationhoods? Gikuyu Political Pamphlets and Songs 1945-52. (a cura di) ATIENO ODHIAMBO E S, LONSDALE J, Mau Mau and Nationhood: Arms, Authority and Memory. LONDON::James Currey, p.97 - 120 , ISBN: 0852554842

    (a cura di) (2002). Women Writing Africa: The Southern Region . In: PUGLIESE C. New York:The Feminist Press CUNY, p.1 - 554 , ISBN: 1558614079

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