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Master in Finance, Technology (Fintech) and Digital Transformation (MFTDT)

A.Y. 2020/2021


Prof. Claudio Giannotti

What makes the Master in Finance, Technology (Fintech) and Digital Transformation (called Master in Fintech & Innovation - MFI - in its first two editions) unique:

  • Faculty composed by leading experts in Finance, Technology and Digital Innovation:
    You will learn from leading and recognized Fintech professionals/experts: the MFTD faculty is composed of outstanding professionals (e.g. CEOs, Founders, Managing Directors, Marketing Managers, Partners, Chief Innovation Officer, etc.) forging Fintech day by day.
  • Courses designed and led by recognized experts:
    We re-designed the MFTDT curriculum together with our partners and professors in order to have: 1)  a cutting edge program in line with the last market trends 2) a program aligned with our partners’ needs.
    The MFTDT courses are led by Course Directors coming from the industry.
  • Fintech Tour in 3 European Fintech Hubs and International Network:
    The MFTDT is designed with our partners for our students and partners!
    Thus, in collaboration with our international development committee and our global network we decided to offer our students the unique opportunity to develop an international network through the MFTDT Fintech Tour in 3 of the main European Fintech Hubs: Berlin, Madrid and Milan!
    Why a Fintech Tour? To give you the opportunity to meet in person some of the world’s most innovative companies (Fintech, Insurtech and Regtech companies, Banks, Consulting Firms, Entrepreneurs) and discover international professional opportunities.
  • Careers opportunities with our Partners in one of the fastest growing industries:
    During the MFTDT you can benefit from a wide range of activities and opportunities developed with the Master’s Partners: internships, live consulting projects, project works, research projects, full-time job positions at some of the top companies in the world.

Summing up, the MFTDT is a unique programme in the academic landscape that offers you the chance to combine the benefits of:

  • online education (learn from professionals based all around the world)
  • in company visits, meetings and lessons during the Fintech Tour.


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