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Angela Cuttitta

Docente a contratto
Sede: Palermo
Dipartimento: Giurisprudenza Palermo
Corso di laurea: Scienze della formazione primaria

Insegnamenti e orario di ricevimento

  • Didattica delle scienze naturali

    LUMSA - Ufficio 2 via F. Parlatore, 65 - 90145 Palermo.
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  • Didattica delle scienze naturali

    LUMSA - Ufficio 2 via F. Parlatore, 65 - 90145 Palermo.
    Per concordare un ricevimento su MEET, si invitano gli studenti ad inviare un'email
  • Curriculum Vitae

    Angela Cuttitta, Ph. D., born in Palermo (Italy). First Researcher in Natural Resources and Ecosystems at the National Research Council. The Teaching of Natural Sciences at the Lumsa University. Scopus Author ID: 6603217171

    2004 University of Vigo, Spain. PhD in Marine Ecology.
    2002 SuficienciaInvestigadora. University of Vigo, Spain.
    1994 High school teaching qualification for competition class 60A: Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Astronomical Geography, Microbiology.
    1992 Qualification for the exercise of the profession of biologist.
    1991 University of Palermo. Laurea in Biology.

    Scientific areas
    Research and Innovation, Ecology and Biology of resources, Molecular Ecology, Environmantal Biotechnology, Innovative tools for scientific dissemination.

    Professional Carrier
    2009 Researcher of Italian National Research Council.
    2010 National Research Council spin-off in marine biotechnology ABIEL
    2021 Lecturer of Didactics of Natural Sciences at the Lumsa University

    Main skills
    Her fields of interest have been focused on marine ecology and biology. In particular:
    Mechanisms of coupling between physical-chemical factors and biological resources in seawater column; Biologic and genetic characteristics of ichthyoplanktonic species; Mechanisms of response of organisms in relation to different stress and pollution; Research of bio molecules and active substances of marine origin. Their current project is 'International Centre of advanced study in environment, ecosystem and human health'.
    - Pre-competitive research and development, Basic and Applied research
    - Coordination of research groups, technological innovation and scientific dissemination
    - Coordination of regional, national and European projects
    - Coordinator of strategic tables on SRI
    - Trainer of international research groups
    - Communication and dissemination of scientific culture

    Main activities
    Identification of national and European research, development, training and dissemination projects and programmes; Drafting of research and development programs, training and dissemination of national and European, following the path and development from funding to final reporting of activities; Management of regional, national and European programmes and projects; Coordination of public/public and public/private partners and with business angels and investors; Coordination and management of the activities of the CNR research and technological innovation and scientific dissemination groups founded by her; Member of the Institute Council of ISMed CNR; Member of the Scientific Council of ISmed CNR; Coordination and organization of strategic tables on SRI; Participation in international Steering Committees; Develops basic, applied, innovative research and pre-competitive development activities; FAO trainer (ichthyoplankton ecology) for the Maghreb countries; Member of international scientific committees; Reviewer of scientific articles for several international journals; Tutor of internships, degree theses and national and international research Ph. D.; Communication activities and dissemination of scientific culture; Participates in the strategic and scientific activities for the innovative start app Abiel Biotech of which he is a founding member and collaborates with Business Incubators; Writes and publishes scientific articles and submits industrial patents; Carries out activities on behalf of third parties for important public and private companies in the field of ecology; Scientific Director and Head of Mission in Oceanographic Campaigns on Research Ships; Participates as a member and president in numerous selections for personnel in Public Administrations

    Principali pubblicazioni

    Last 10 years publications

    STEFANIA RUSSO*, MARCO TORRI*, BERNARDO PATTI, PATRICIA REGLERO, DIEGO ÁLVAREZ BERASTEGUI, GIANLUCA SARÀ, ANGELA CUTTITTA. 2021. Unveiling the relationship between sea surface hydrographic patterns and tuna larval distribution in the central Mediterranean Sea. Accepted in Frontiers in Marine Science. IF: 4.912
    TORRI M., PAPPALARDO A. M.*, FERRITO V., GIANNÌ S., ARMERI G. M., PATTI C., MANGIARACINA F., BIONDO G., DI NATALE M., MUSCO M., MASULLO T., BENNICI C., RUSSO S., NICOSIA A., TAGLIAVIA M., MAZZOLA A., PATTI B., CUTTITTA A. Signals from the deep-sea: genetic structure, morphometric analysis, and ecological implications of Cyclothone braueri (Pisces, Gonostomatidae) early life stages in the Central Mediterranean Sea. Marine Environmental Research, 2021, 169, 105379, IF 3.130

    T. MASULLO, G. BIONDO, M. DI NATALE, M. TAGLIAVIA, C.D. BENNICI, M. MUSCO, M.A. RAGUSA, S. COSTA, A. CUTTITTA, A. NICOSIA. Gene Expression Changes after Parental Exposure to Metals in the Sea Urchin Affect Timing of Genetic Programme of Embryo Development. Biology. 2021 Feb 1;10(2):103. doi: 10.3390/biology10020103.

    F FALCINI, R CORRADO, M TORRI, M C MANGANO, R ZARRAD, A DI CINTIO, L PALATELLA, O JARBOUI, H MISSAOUI, A CUTTITTA, B PATTI, R SANTOLERI, G SARÀ & G LACORATA. Seascape connectivity of European anchovy in the Central Mediterranean Sea revealed by weighted Lagrangian backtracking and bio-energetic modelling. Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 18630 (2020)
    PATTI B., TORRI M., CUTTITTA A. 2020. General surface circulation controls the interannual fluctuations of anchovy stock biomass in the Central Mediterranean Sea. Scientific Report; 2045-2322. Published on line January 2020

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