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Alessandro Cavallo

Docente a contratto
Sede: Roma
Dipartimento: Giurisprudenza, Economia, Politica e Lingue moderne
Corso di laurea: Economia e gestione aziendale - Management and Finance

Insegnamenti e orario di ricevimento

  • Digital marketing

    Office hours: by appointment

    Note: Lessons will take place on Monday h8.00-10.00 (Room 11) and Friday h15.00-17.00 (Room 10). To access class materials login to your account and follow this link to request a Google Classroom invitation -->
  • Curriculum Vitae

    Full resume:

    Short Bio:
    Founder of Cavallo Consulting & Partners, providing support to companies in adopting appropriate data management solutions for business application.

    Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing and Innovation and Technology Lab at LUMSA University, Lecturer & Mentor for Business Model Innovation Adventure Lab at LUISS Business School.

    Investor at Kpi6, Dynamitick (now Premoneo), Babaiola, Vikey, Yakkyo, 2manyApps, Traction Management, Xingu, BlazeMedia, F2 Innovation and startups selected by some of the best acceleration programs in Italy and worldwide such as Start-up Chile, LUISS EnLabs and Contamination Lab;

    Founding member of Angel Partner Group, now part of Italian Angels For Growth, business angel network linked to the investment fund LVenture Group focused on early-stage investments that promote development of new business initiatives and economic growth;

    Entrepreneur since 2007 launched 5 start-ups in the AdTech/MarTech with multiple exits. Designed and registered technologies for price comparison, crowdsourcing content production, digital publishing tools and native advertising services;

    Between 2004 and 2007 gained relevant experience in marketing roles in One Italia (Eutelia spin-off), GoAdv (then Populis), Johnson & Johnson Medical and Roncaglia & Wijkander.

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