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Accommodation Help Desk

LUMSA has a new counter service: the LUMSA Accommodation Service, a new service to help students who do not live in Rome to find appropriate accommodation. The advice given covers everything from the type of accommodation available to legal meaning of the tenancy agreement.
The LUMSA Accommodation Service is completely FREE.
All available accommodation, which has been checked beforehand by LUMSA staff, is listed in a database and also displayed on designated bulletin-boards inside the University buildings.
Students who go to see the LUMSA Accommodation Service staff in Via Borgo S. Angelo 13, are shown the accommodation available, taken to see it and given advice up to the signing of the tenancy agreement.
Students can ask for additional help, such as assistance when moving in or when decorating the accommodation.

If they want, the students can ask for additional services, such as help when moving in or when fixing up the accommodation.
Available Accommodation (in Italian).